39th Annual Lockeland Springs Home Tour

Saturday Dec. 2nd   5-9 p.m.                 Sunday Dec. 3rd  1-4 p.m.
Tickets $15.00
2017 Home Tour Guide

2017 Home Tour Map
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39 Years of Tradition
by Hans Schmidt, LSNA President

It’s time again for the LSNA Tour of Homes. This annual event is in its 39th year. Just stop and think about that for a moment; thirty-nine years is a long time. To have kept it going for this many years is no small feat and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of many committed individuals. The Tour epitomizes everything that is great about Lockeland Springs.

Tradition – Every year, we get to show off the fruits of a decision made many years ago to protect the historic character of this great neighborhood.  Visiting the homes provides a lesson on the variety of architectural styles found throughout Lockeland Springs in both their original forms and their modern interpretations. Just like we value the perspective of long-time residents, we also welcome new-comers and so, for several years now, the Tour has included both old and new homes.

Hospitality – While the homes are the center of attention, we should not forget that there can be no Tour without a willing group of neighbors who agree to open their doors to total strangers. That’s true Southern hospitality! Having been in their shoes before, I know the hard work and long hours that go into getting a house “show-off” ready. As you visit each home, please remember to return the favor and say thank-you to the home owners.

Generosity – The Tour also cannot exist without the volunteers and sponsors who donate their time, resources and money. Every year, board members and other neighbors spend many hours putting it all together, from scoping out homes (and convincing their owners to participate) to researching and telling the story of each home to creating this informative tour guide as well as all of the countless other details that make the Tour a success.  Because of their donations, the sponsors and home partners help to cover our expenses which means more of the proceeds from ticket sales will be used to support projects that educate, enhance safety, build community and beautify the neighborhood.  This year, the LSNA gave over $9,700 in grants and other donations to local non-profits.

On behalf of the LSNA, I say welcome to Lockeland Springs and hope that you enjoy the Tour!

Even if you are visiting our neighborhood for the tour, you are still a part of this glorious tradition. We love entertaining guests and sharing this jewel of a place to live with you. The homes on this year’s tour, and their owners, will give you a glimpse into what it is like to live in Lockeland Springs. Victorian, Craftsman bungalow, or new construction, the homes are warm and welcoming. We have brand new families with tiny babies to empty-nesters reinventing themselves as a family. And we are all at home here in our beloved corner of East Nashville.

Welcome to Lockeland Springs.