Holster Your Decibel Meters — Ascend Amphitheatre Following Rules

Sound travels in bizarre ways.

That’s one of the official findings as part of the ongoing monitoring of sound levels emanating from Ascend Amphitheatre.

In an exclusive interview with The Fountain, Councilman Brett Withers says the venue has thus far complied with an agreement to limit decibel readings at the ampitheatre’s property line to no more than 98dB.

That’s not to say rock ‘n’ rollers are holding back.Ascend-ampatheater-areal

Withers says the Grammy-winning Alabama Shakes, in particular, drew some questions and complaints
this spring. But their rhythm section managed to exhaust the limits of the rules without going over, according to official measurements that night.

“Sound travels in such bizarre ways, that you can hear it on some blocks and not others,” Withers said.

He recounted an evening when he was downtown and couldn’t he
ar the theater from four blocks away, but then, from the neighborhood, could hear some of tones from the same concert at a distance of more than 2 miles away.

Pro tip: sometimes, if you open your windows and doors, you’ll hear it less, thanks to the sterling ambience of the wildlife in our tree canopy.

Staffers with Metro Parks have been taking readings throughout Lockeland Springs and new permanent decibel meters are now being installed at Ascend.

“It would seem to be the case that, so far … they are actually within that agreement,” Withers said. “We’re trying to get as many of these readings over the course of the year and we’ll try to monitor it.”

Questions and requests for sound readings should be directed to Jim.Hester@nashville.gov — and please include your address.