Five New Signs Mark Historic Neighborhood

Five New Signs Mark Historic Neighborhood
By Annie Neal, LSNA board member

newsigntweetI hope that if you are reading this article, you have seen the new Lockeland Springs signs that have been placed at 5 major entryways into the neighbor-hood. The LSNA Board really hopes that you love them as much as we do. This neighborhood is historic and worthy of signs that mirror its beauty and demonstrate the pride I know we all have in it.

I have been on the Board for 7 years now and we have always talked about getting nice gateway signs. Over the past several years, the Tour of Home has done really well and we finally had the capital to fund this project. We searched for grants for a long time and had no luck in that department so we decided to take the plunge. It was one of those daunting projects where it feels like a wall is in front of youwhen you begin because of all the unknowns. It seems simple, right, it’ just some neighborhood signs.

However, there were many challenging issues like who do I contact (city, one-call, state), who do I need
IMG_1372 (1)approval from, what design to use, what sign company to use, locations, liability? Each of these issues was dealt with in due course. Once I found the right contacts, people were extremely supportive and helped knock down any barriers that I felt were keeping this project from completion. It seems like now would be a good time to thank a few people instrumental to getting the  signs in the ground. First, Korby Bowden at Nashville Public Works met with me in the neighborhoodseveral times to make lsna signsure our sign placements were safe and had the city’s seal of approval. Margot,from Margot’s Café in Five Points was so generous by allowing one of our signs to be placed on herproperty! Don Bailey, a fellow Board member and amazingly talented graphic designer, created the design for the sign. It was Spot On Perfect. Finally, Patti Clark from Brand Imaging Group was absolutely amazing in helping me make decisions about the design and installation of the signs. I could not recommend this sign company enough. They were amazing. So, in closing, let us all feel proud that we now have signs as beautiful as the neighborhood we live in!