LSNA at Tomato Festival


Board members Kris Mumford and Annie Neal handing out free tomatoes at the LSNA booth.


LSNA board member Tony Gonzalez juggles some fruit, or is it a vegetable?

A great ¬†time was had by all at the LSNA booth during this year’s Tomato Festival. The LSNA was happy to meet many of our neighbors and many others that would like to be our neighbors. So many great things going on in the neighborhood. And for the first time we handed out free tomatoes to those who stopped by the booth. And a shout out to LSNA board member Tony Gonzalez for keeping the crowds entertained with his juggling. And a special thanks to board member Steven Swarts and Taylor Family Farms in Smyrna, TN for donating the tomatoes.