LSNA Treasurer’s Review

2016 Treasurer’s Review

We are very fortunate to have such strong financial support from our community. We owe a thank you to both the local businesses and the residents as the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association increases our investments in the neighborhood while maintaining a strong cash flow.

This year our financial goal was to increase our spending on grants that would help to educate, enhance safety, build community, and beautify the neighborhood. We gifted a record $6,662 to local projects, an increase of more than $4,000 from the prior year. Due to membership renewals and our 38th Annual Home Tour we continue to be in a strong financial position.

I am recommending that the association once again step up their giving and to increase the financial support to our community’s projects. It is important that we continue to invest in our neighborhood.

Please reach out to us with inquiries about our Grants and Awards Program and visit to read about the awarded 2016 grants.

Thank you all for your support. Our neighborhood appreciates it.

Steven Swarts
LSNA Treasurer

LSNA Finances At A Glance

2016 Notable LSNA expenses
Donations and grants —  $6,662
Newsletter expenses — $4,884
Bookkeeping fees — $1,527

2016 Notable LSNA income
2016 Home Tour net gain — $10,918
Newsletter revenue — $3,189
Membership — $1,420

LSNA Total Liabilities and Equity: $19,492.78