Neighbor to Neighbor: Derek Hoke

Name: Derek Hoke
Job: Musician/Host $2 Tuesdays at 5 Spot
Time in Lockeland Springs: 20 years
October 2017


Where are you from originally? I was born in Brunswick, GA, but grew up in Florence, SC. A pretty small town about an hour or so from the beach. It’s where I-20 and I-95 intersect. Lots of gas stations and truck stops.

What brought you to Nashville and why did you chose Lockeland Springs? In 1997, I visited a friend that had just moved to Nashville. While driving home, I had it in my head that I wanted to live there. I loved it. So, in 1999, I moved into a tiny apartment near Hillsboro Village. My very first gig was at the original Radio Cafe in East Nashville. I also started hanging out at The Slow Bar a lot, too (now 3 Crow Bar). I just loved the vibe of the neighborhood. In 2004, I moved to the East Side.

Your current house was on the Home Tour last year – tell us a little bit about the house and the work you did to it. It’s in the Little Hollywood enclave. I’m lucky to live here. It was almost torn down to split the lot up and put two townhouses on it. Thankfully, the neighborhood protested and that deal fell through. I made an offer and promised that the exterior would remain the same, but inside I had big plans. Knocked out the ceiling. Took out some walls. Now it’s like a loft with the upstairs exposed. Updated the kitchen. Blended new flooring in with the existing beechwood. Updated bathrooms. It took about 10 months to do, but I couldn’t be happier. (And the neighbors love it, too)

Tell us a little bit about yourself professionally. What are you working on these days? Like a lot of folks in Nashville, I play music. I make records and hit the road from time to time. Had some songs on the show NASHVILLE and have written a few tunes for other artists. I also own some commercial real estate in SC. It keeps me connected to my family there.

For the uninitiated, what is $2 Tuesday? How did you get started doing that? $2 Tuesday is show I put on every week at The 5 Spot here in East Nashville. It’s like a little variety show. I book the musical acts, emcee the night, and play a set as well. Usually 5 acts each week of varying styles. My friend Tim Hibbs spins records in between acts. Been doing it for 7 years now and have had everyone from Jason Isbell to Peter Buck of REM play it. It’s all just word of mouth. A great “neighborhood” night to hear new music and hang out with some cool people.

What do you like about the neighborhood? Where do you like to take out of town visitors? When I moved over here, it was really just 5 Points. A few bars, Margo, a hardware store, a gas station, and a coffee shop. Now it’s crazy! I love that it still has the same feeling as when I moved over here. Just a new paint job. Good people. Good music. Diversity.
I’ll usually take visitors to the Walden area. Jenni’s, Ugly Mugs, Rosepepper. I wish Alley Cat was still around. That was my go-to.

Anything else you’d like the neighborhood to know? I live right next to golf course. So, if you want some free golf balls, I’ve got buckets of ‘em!