Neighbor to Neighbor: Hans Schmidt

Neighbor to Neighbor: Hans Schmidt
February 2016

Name: HHPSans Schmidt, LSNA President
Family: Wife, Tomianne; Daughter, Olivia
Profession: Attorney
Years in neighborhood: Nearly 6


What’s the best part of living in Lockeland Springs?

We love that a playground, elementary school (one day, hopefully), bakery, ice cream shop, toy store, hot dog stand, coffee shops, restaurants ,and shopping are a short walk (or, in our 3-year old’s case, a little red wagon ride) from our house.    

Tell us what motivates you to lead the association.

Over the last few years, Lockeland Springs is one of Nashville’s historic neighborhoods confronting complex questions about how to balance the city’s need for increased density and development without losing the character and integrity of the neighborhood that drew so many of us here in the first place. I am motivated to serve as LSNA president for a second time because I want to play a role in shaping the direction of our neighborhood and in finding the right balance.  

Is there a neighborhood project that makes you proud?

The Lockeland Springs Park (at the end of Woodland Street) is an example of local government, community leaders, and dedicated residents working together to achieve great success. After Metro Parks acquired the property, there was little money available in its budget to do much to the springs that gave our neighborhood its name. Seeing the park’s potential, a group of neighbors, led by Bo Parr, Jim Polk, and others, spearheaded efforts to reclaim a small part of our neighborhood’s history from a thicket of privet and honeysuckle bushes.  


What do you look forward to for the neighborhood’s future?

A recognition that the changes happening throughout the neighborhood are not all bad; with them come new people that are equally excited to be a part of the best neighborhood in Nashville.