President’s Corner: Help guide the LSNA board

HPSWe need your help! Please take our neighborhood survey.

Recently, the LSNA Board of Directors participated in our annual planning meeting. The purpose of these extended sessions (generally on Saturday mornings, no less) are twofold:

(1) to have a sort of year-in-review—a look back at the accomplishments, events, activities,
expenditures and finances of the LSNA over the prior year; and

(2) to brainstorm new objectives and goals that will guide the activities of the LSNA during the coming year.

This year, however, we also engaged in a very thoughtful and deliberate discussion about the purpose and core missions of the LSNA. We debated such questions as: Are the missions of the LSNA as stated in the bylaws still relevant or do they need refreshing; and do the typical activities of the association (such as LSNA-sponsored events, like alley clean-ups, grant-giving, publication of this newsletter, spending and other outreach efforts) truly support and further such missions?

We are smart enough to know that there is no one right answer to such questions and so this is where you, our fellow residents, come in. We have posted a short online survey because we want to hear your opinions. We want to know how you rank the LSNA’s missions in importance; what are your concerns; and what are your ideas for future events and projects? Finally, we really want to hear how you interact and stay connected with the LSNA and the neighborhood.

We will use the data from this survey to guide our strategic planning. We have tried to make completing the survey as painless as possible — click here to complete the survey online. We will report the results and provide updates on our efforts in upcoming issues of our newsletter and online.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey. We really do need your help and want to hear from you.

– Hans Schmidt, LSNA President