The Fountain: New LSNA website a wealth of information

New LSNA website a wealth of information
By Tony Gonzalez, The Fountain

If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out! The new could make the case as one of the coolest and most informative neighborhood pages around. From the superb aerial photography of the neighborhood (more on that in a moment) to convenient links to Metro agencies and civic information — as well as access to back issues of the newsletter — it’s a vibrant testament to Lockeland Springs.

And if you haven’t heard the full backstory, it’s worth putting into the record. It’s true that in spring 2015, the website was hacked. What they wanted with the LSNA, we may never know, but as has happened with other local institutions, service was interrupted for a few months.

Enter webmaster and board member Kevin Wisniewski. He bore the brunt of questions about when the website would be back. After some behind-the-scenes wrangling, he debuted a website this fall that goes far beyond expectations.

The aforementioned photos are thanks to Aerial Innovations, which sent up a drone for a short flight to capture what will likely be lasting images of the area.

The new website also means it’s easier than ever for LSNA to post news, meeting announcements, and other relevant local documents. Yes, that is a call for content! Send ideas to You might consider sharing information about upcoming events or photos that can be turned into galleries from important local events.

Otherwise, it’s “no news is good news” about the website. No hack attack in 210 days. And counting.